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Dr. Su Anderson, ND


I am Dr. Susan Marie Anderson, Doctor of Naturopathy, offering more than 25 years of experience helping people restore the health and harmony of their body, mind and spirit.

In my 20s, I was diagnosed with a significant, debilitating disease that changed everything. The ineffectiveness and constant pain of the medical treatments eventually caused me to stand up for myself and take my healing into my hands.

I was introduced to the power of Naturopathy and through a wonderful doctor and mentor, I learned that I am a wondrous, ever-changing and powerful creator. Like you, I had the inner knowing and tools to fully heal my body, mind and spirit. Within one year I was fully recovered from my Interstitial Cystitis.

Opening the doors to a world of Natural Health led me back to school for a degree and career in the Healing Arts. I use a wide variety of modalities in my practice with dental health, genetic patterning and nutritional guidance of special concern when treating my patients.

Through the years of helping thousands, I’ve been privileged to share this message of whole health to groups, corporate, private and non-profit, children and adults alike.

The State of Wisconsin Highway Department, Project Footsteps, Room and Board, and the American Indian School are just a few of the organizations who have had me speak about the healing power within us.

I look forward to sharing my gift with you, too.

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