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Hawk's Ridge Ranch

Hawk's Ridge Ranch is the physical home of The HAWC.  Our Ranch offers over 40 acres of beautiful, organic land. We host many different activities and events, including:

  • Camping/Lodging for individuals, families and groups.

  • Equine Guided Education & Equine Therapy

  • Healing/Health Educational Workshops

  • Team Building Workshops

  • Small Group Field Trips/Outings

  • Facebook
  • YouTube

We serve people of all ages, types and abilities, including those with special needs or recovering from physical and emotional trauma, autism, life roadblocks (stress, anger, relationships), addiction, and illness.

Hawk’s Ridge Ranch’s equine-assisted activities and therapies are not designed or intended to replace more commonly used treatments; rather, they are considered complementary and adjunct interventions.

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