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The Healing Arts Wellcare Center

The Healing Arts Wellcare Center hours for appointments are Monday – Thursday, 9:00am – NOON.  Please email us to schedule your appointment.

The Healing Arts Wellcare Center (HAWC) is a center of natural healing based upon the science of Naturopathy and the guidance of Dr. Susan Anderson, ND.

Naturopathy is the science of wellness based upon the philosophy that the body has the ability to maintain a state of balance and harmony when given clean air, pure water, sunlight, proper nutrition, exercise, rest and emotional support.

Our mission is to assist you in living a life in health and happiness by partnering with Nature to restore your balance, harmony, and full power.

An appointment with Dr. Susan Anderson involves an hour-long consultation and a full bio-communication exam performed with a Zyto Biosurvey scanning system.

During the scan, your teeth, vertebra, internal organs and energy meridians are analyzed to identify the body’s weakest and most energetically blocked systems. The result is a map of your individual biology and energy patterns needing support. This bio-analysis is painless and takes only a few minutes.

In the course of treatment, Dr. Su offers the opportunity to broaden the perspective of what wellness can be.


Using the aspects of the authentic self, such as your astrology, your specific blood type and auric field, we can better determine specific support appropriate to you as an individual.

Please give us a call to discuss how you may again feel strong, pain-free and full of energy. 

I found Dr. Su when I was at the end of my rope! 

"I was so frustrated with the visits to the MD's and Specialists who could not find anything wrong. They would give me medicine to treat the symptoms but I was only feeling worse. I was having several health issues, some of which were depression, weight gain, my body holding fluid and problems caused by my peri-menopause.

My first visit to Dr. Su was incredible. She immediately found my body was out of balance as a result of a thyroid problem, hormone imbalance, poor diet, and dental mercury poisoning. 


She started me on homeopathic drops, vitamins & minerals, and gave me guidance about proper nutrition for me. Within a few weeks, I was starting to feel better. I had so much more energy, the hot flashes were gone, and the night sweats were disappearing. Even my menstrual periods were becoming regular again. Best of all, the depression was gone and I was off all medication. 

Things were improving but I was still holding on to the weight. Dr. Su encouraged me to begin the process of removing my mercury fillings and to stay with my new eating plan. I was so tired of not having the quality of life that I wanted that I decided to do everything I could do to improve my health.

Today, I cannot begin to tell you how much better I feel. I've lost weight and feel more alive than I have in years! Dr. Su works to heal the whole body – Mind, Body, & Spirit. She does not just treat the symptoms she finds the problems to correct. 


I realized Dr. Su can guide me to better health but in the end I am the one responsible for maintaining my health. I feel we are a team and she is my partner teaching and leading me to a healthy life! "

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