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Welcome to Angel Hawk Visions

Angel Hawk Visions are real life, true adventures of my choice, through my use of Divine Will – as seen and shared and lived - one story at a time. - Dr. Su

"You must go back.”

I said no.


“You can help.”

I said maybe.


“You'll have all the helpers you need, in body and in spirit, and they will remain with you the entire time. You always be safe and guided and have more money than you can spend.”


I said, “OK, send me back.”


On a very cold and snowy December morning, I returned. At first Earth seemed awfully cold, but I very quickly became used to it.


My mother and my father were hot and cold, never warm. From there it began.


Two years later I said goodbye to my father on another very cold December morning – rather hysterically I might add - as I watched his aura turn into a vapor and he diminished right in front of my eyes and died.

I decided right then that vision was overrated and I allowed my keen sight to blur – as it simply offered too much, too soon, for too small of a little Angel Hawk.


I would remain in that blur for the next six years until it was seen by others to hinder me and I was forced to wear glasses.

I see energy.

It comes in the form of colors and shapes and it has math to it – days, years, time, data, events.

It shows me clearly, under a magnified field of geometry that dissolves boundaries, all energy working together and fields merging.


I know viscerally that nothing here is separate – all things are part of the One, a community, a whole.

I know who fits where, and the easiest path energetically for their benefit and upgrading of their Light Quotient.


As such, I am the one here to heal, and in doing so I heal all things in those who surround me.

It is a wonderful job and has sustained a long and fruitful life – for I am a willing and helpful servant as long as fun remains.


“When you align to that which becomes your brand, you will find your brand to be Angel Hawk Visions - visions of health, happiness, and horses living with love light and laughter; connecting to source.” – The Angels

Welcome to Angel Hawk Visions.

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